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Watcher1 is a free, open-source, web-site monitoring tool that will watch a website or set of websites at the intervals you specify, and when the results do not meet your requirements, it will notify you via e-mail that there’s a problem. It supports both HTTP and HTTPS, and supports the following protocols:
Keywords: cgi, asp, exe, javascript, images, diffs, http
Example Usage:
Time to start your web monitoring!
1. Have Watcher1 open a browser window to the URL you wish to monitor (
2. Have Watcher1 look for page size of > 12000 bytes.
3. Have Watcher1 look for any updates.
4. After you finish with Watcher1, close the browser, and that’s it! Watcher1 will monitor your website/websites and send you e-mails if the website(s) do not meet your requirements.
Additional Information:
If you have any questions, please write us at e-mail
About Oz Watcher:
OZ Watcher was designed to be a “free, open-source, web-site monitoring tool” that will watch a website, and when the results do not meet your requirements, it will notify you via e-mail. It supports HTTP and HTTPS protocols, and supports the following protocols:
Keywords: cgi, asp, exe, javascript, images, diffs, http
You can specify the frequency that you’d like Oz Watcher to check the websites, and whether you’d like it to send e-mails.
Please see the following pages for more information:

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Watcher1 is a free, custom built web-monitoring application. It allows you to monitor websitesat the intervals you specify, and notify you if the website has been removed, added or changed.
Watcher1 allows you to set your own criteria to check the websites for updates, and you can also set it to “ping” instead of watching for specific content.
Watcher1 Features:
■ Full support for HTTP & HTTPS protocols!
■ You can define custom intervals!
■ You can specify specific criteria for the webpage to be checked for updates (ie: does the webpage have a specific string in it, or an exact size of 12000 bytes).
■ You can specify if you want to be alerted if the webpage is added, removed or changed (ie: if a webpage is added or removed, you get an email notification – if the website changes, you don’t get an email notification).
■ You can specify the interval that you want your program to check the websites.
■ Very fast!
■ Fully customizable!
Copy Watcher1.exe to your sites/www directory.
Use Watcher1.exe to test the feature.
You can also double-click to run Watcher1.exe.
The Watcher1 source code will be updated on a regular basis.
Bug Reports:
Please submit bug reports to me at trichard [at] msg [dot] net.
1. Everyone at SevenTribes!
2. Ron Nelson of

20/06/03: Added to this project a “robust” version of “Watcher1”. It uses some of the ideas from “Ron’s” “Watcher” code, but it has it’s own, original code written for it. You can try it here:


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Watcher1 is a free monitoring tool that will keep track of a webpage that is monitored. It will tell you how often it looked at the page, how long it spent looking, and what it detected. Once a page is detected, Watcher1 will e-mail you if there are any changes. It will even monitor the web server logs.
Watcher1 is a FREE monitoring tool.
You specify the URL or page to be monitored. Watcher1 will automatically log how often it looked at the URL or page. It will tell you the total number of seconds it looked, the total number of seconds it took to scan the web page, and what it detected if it did detect a change.
If you only want it to PING when changes are detected, tell it to do that.
Email notification of changes to web page
If changes are detected, it will e-mail you right away. The e-mail message includes a graphic so you can see what was going on when it changed.
This tool supports HTTPS protocol.
Support for HTTP protocol
Click-Con to automatically open the web page for you
This tool will support a different web page in the future
All Watcher1 files are VERY small and can be used on any system.
Other Features:
When changes are detected on a page (either new content, or changes in the content), Watcher1 will pause for a brief moment, then update you via e-mail.
Example: The page and all of it’s sub-pages will be monitored, and e-mail you if any content changes, new content, or changes to existing content.
You can set-it to PING to just go back and look at the page. You can set it to PING every 5 seconds, PING when a size is met, and also PING when certain text is met.
You can set it to check for specific content in the page if you want to monitor specific output.
Check-You can set the interval to check the website. The default is one minute. You can set it for 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 60 minutes.
Check-you can also check the URL by typing in the address, or specify a URL from the file Watcher1.urls.
Check-you can also specify a page or web-site to watch

What’s New in the Watcher1?

Watcher1 is easy to use. I wanted a simple web-page monitoring tool for my website and this is what I came up with. It’s written in VB.NET, and it’s ready for.NET 2.0. It’s also very fast to check pages, and it’s very small. This is a free, ad-supported version, but a fee version is also available.
Watcher1 is a free, ad-supported version. The fee version is also available. It’s very small – about 200 lines of code. It’s intended for personal use only, and/or use on your local computer. As always, if you find this software useful, please let me know.


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System Requirements For Watcher1:

(Please note that D2D is optimized for devices with at least 2 GB RAM. And the more the better)
• Requirements:
• Minimum requirements:
PC is required
• At least a 2GB of RAM.
• What’s new in D2D:
• New GUI system
• New game types (Brutal, Savagery, Survival)
• New weapons (Swivel gun, Beam laser and F-22)
• New maps (Oman,

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